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Kelly Wilson
Mortgage Agent
Managing Partner
License #M080029641430


1430 Prince Of Wales Dr.,
Ottawa ON, K2C 1N4


Phone: 613-266-3570
Fax: 613-422-9256




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Kelly Wilson

A home can be more than a place to live; it is also one of the best  investment vehicles I believe you can have. In an  increasingly complex real estate market, there is great value in aligning oneself with an expert.  After a successful  5 years working for a chartered bank as a Top Mortgage Producer in Canada, I had made the decision to grow my business and move forward to become a mortgage broker and join forces with my mom Laurie.  In the 11 years of becoming a mortgage agent funding over 500 million in mortgages.  I have also become one of the top 75 mortgage brokers in Canada. The top 5 in my brokerage firm  and have helped my clients achieve over 11 million in unrealized wealth . I chose Invis- Canadas Mortgage Experts as my  brokerage , as it was the largest and most reputable independent  brokerage in the industry.


I started my first real estate investment when I was 21 so that I could cut out my largest expense ( housing ) by renting a portion of the property out. It was the best decision I had ever made. I saw very quickly after I sold in a year that the property value went up, the mortgage balance went down and I did not have to pay any rent/mortgage because I rented some of my home out.  That was the beginning of my real estate investor career and where my passion for financing started. I saw this as a very lucrative business plan that I needed to learn much more about.


To date, I have built over 5 million in real estates investments between Canada and the US market.  It was a successful road of trial and error over the years in real estate and one I would do over again and again. I have been involved in  just about every possible real estate investment from multi unit, commercial, flips, joint ventures, President and investor for a large condo conversion in GTA, condos, and much more.  My goal for my clients is to teach all I have learned right from the moment you make that first investment and  so that you can start growing wealth from day one.  Our Team  has aligned ourselves with a  strong network of vetted and experienced professionals that are all an important role to buying, selling, renting, holding and investing in real estate.  Having this team in place is the most important part of the investment. We want our clients to be versed in all opportunities of possible finance , options, solutions, tax strategies, tax deferring, being a landlord, types of real estate investments and more. We have taken all the knowledge we have gained and put together the footprints and tools to follow.  We can show you how to uncover money you did not even know you had to start investing.  Did you know you can use your own money to lend yourself?  You can become the bank and the borrower?  You can borrow tax free? Let us show you how to create wealth which starts with a plan, a team of experts,  and a strategy which leads you to financial freedom. The most wealth in the world happens to be real estate investors and you anyone can do this.


Our Team can ensure that you have an unbiased mortgage plan as we do not work for one lender. We specialize in mortgage lenders and bank contracts, syndicate mortgages, private lending, non arms length mortgages and more. We strive to provide you with the best possible financial plan which sets us apart from the crowd. A mortgage is not just a mortgage.Our clients need to feel very confident in knowing they have the best financial mortgage plan based on their financial goals and risk tolerances. Our reputation with our lenders is highly regarded and our clients can benefit from these well established relationships.


Family is the most important fundamental which is why I work alongside my mom as we are a mother and daughter team. We want to help protect your most valuable assets. You can also check us out on Facebook, You Tube and Twitter!


Recent Accomplishments:

  • 2012 – 2016 CMA Top 75 Mortgage Brokers in Canada ( Canada Mortgage Professionals )

  • 2011 -2016  Top Unit Sales Nationally (Invis and Mortgage Intelligence)

  • 2015 Nominated for Top Mortgage Team in Canada (under 25 employees)

  • 2011 – 2016 Top Mortgage Team Nationally (Invis and Mortgage Intelligence)


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