We are a Team of Mortgage Professionals serving the needs of the mortgage seekers of homeowners in Ottawa and surrounding areas and seekers of ICI Mortgages in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.


As part of Invis/Mortgage Intelligence – one of Canada’s largest mortgage brokerage firms, we can assist with purchases for resale and new home builders, self employed, renewals, refinances and home equity, investment properties, debt consolidation, rent-to-own, variable rate vs fixed rate, cash back, New to Canada, developers,  purchase/lease of equipment, land acquisition, construction and the list of products continues.


So why should you choose to use a mortgage broker? It’s simple. Mortgage brokers have the training and expertise to help you make an informed decision about your mortgage.


Our residential specialists will work tirelessly on your behalf to get you the best mortgage product at the most competitive rate. We have access to a range of mortgage products from more than 30 respected lenders, and working together with you, we will carefully select the product that best meets your needs. And while we always work hard to negotiate the best possible rate for each situation, we also provide valuable advice that goes beyond rate and can potentially save you thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.


Our commercial specialists are adept at building complex funding proposals for our client’s projects, utilizing our strong relationships in the commercial lending community to attain funding success for your project. The right lender, right funding package and right first step to kick off your project.

Our team of commercial Mortgage Consultants possess extensive experience in every type of commercial lending. As such, they’re uniquely qualified to understand the niche each lender serves, the product mix to which they are receptive, and what security, interest rates, fees and debt service coverage are required to meet the criteria of those lenders. Thus, we ensure your financial needs are always paired with the most appropriate lender, providing you with the highest possible opportunity of success for your investment.


Our Mortgage Professionals have achieved outstanding success by putting their clients first. We’ve earned the confidence and trust of each of our clients and, our business has grown steadily from referrals and repeat business.


Let us earn your confidence by providing you with a mortgage strategy that will help you achieve your financial, home ownership or commercial project goals.

Our Mortgage Professionals

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